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Restaurants in the Area


Do you know of a good restaurant in Monterey? Do tell! Add an asterisk (*) followed by a space and your information.







  • I'm a local and my favorite restaurant in Monterey is Hula's - it's on Lighthouse near Cannery Row. The food there is always amazing. Turtle Bay Taqueria is also worth checking out - it's downtown near the conference.




I highly recommend:


  • I was just in Monterey vacationing in May, and we loved the options at Passion Fish. They participate in the program to stop overfishing endangered species.


If you like Indian food check out Indian Summer. It's kind of behind the conference center, and they have outdoor seating and a "hookah bar." It's not often one can be so comfortable sitting outside here, so take advantage. There is also India's Clay Oven, right across Del Monte. They are best known for their lunch buffets.



I saw in Budget Travel from 2005 a list of good restaurants in Monterey.


I (Jill) ate at the following restaurants in 2007 and liked them:


  • Cafe Noir across from the Marriott.  Coffee, etc., pastries and sandwiches.  Free wifi.  Relatively inexpensive.  Seatting upstairs includes some chairs that are actually movie theater seats!
  • Plumes near Subway and Jamba Juice.  Coffee, etc., pastries and sandwiches.  Free wifi. Relatively inexpensive.
  • Cibo Ristorante Italiano is near the Portola Plaza Hotel and visible if you stand at the fountain out front.  Excellent food.  I really enjoyed the Bresaola, which is an appetizer, but I had it as a meal.  Menu online has prices.
  • Old Fisherman's Grotto is on Fisherman's Wharf (about half-way down the pier).  Clam chowder is New England-style-ish, but thicker.  Calamari was excellent.
  • Cafe Fina is on Fisherman's Wharf (a bit further down from Old Fisherman's Grotto).  Nice view and good food. Menus online contain prices.
  • Rappas is on Fisherman's Wharf (at the very end).  Seemed to handle large groups well.  Food was good, but calamari at Old Fisherman's Grotto was better.  Menu online contains prices.
  • In Carmel, I ate at  the Grill on Ocean Ave.  Very nice surroundings and excellent food.  Menu online contains prices.
  • In Carmel, I ate at  Merlot Bistro on Ocean Ave. Excellent food.  Menu online contains prices.
  • Near the back  entrance of the Portola Plaza Hotel, there is an bakery/deli (might be Italian).  Some people seem to meet there for breakfast.  I don't know it's name, but the breakfast sandwich was very good.


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