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Monterey Tips

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Monterey Tips


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Cannery Row by Sherri Vokey



  • While the 17 Mile Drive does cost money, it is totally worth it. It is an incredibly beautiful drive with a lot of places to stop, take pictures and enjoy the scenery. Bring a picnic and make an afternoon out of it!



  • Take time to stop at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It is a fantastic space and very calming. Parking within walking distance and nice lunch food inside the aquarium.


  • Drive down to Carmel to see the fascinating architecture. Drive a little further to Big Sur and eat at Nepenthe overlooking the ocean.


  • I suspect that I'll be the only librarian/skateboarder at the conference, but for any others -- there's a fun little skatepark a few blocks from the conference center.


  • Need early morning coffee? Plumes Coffee & Tea, Monterey-400 Alvarado Street (831) 373-4526 is just two blocks from the conference center; a great drip coffee house and it opens at 6am.


  • Those of you who have attended Internet Librarian in the past may remember Bay Books, the bookstore-cafe across the street from the convention center. Sadly, it closed earlier this year.



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