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Karen Draper

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Hi. My name is Karen Draper, and I presented at Internet Librarian in the track called Learning: More Than Teaching, on Tuesday, Oct. 30, at 1:30 pm.


I was in Session A203, "Getting Their Attention! Training Strategies & Social Networking Tools."


My presentation was called "Information Skills Training for High Tech Workers." I'm hoping there are some useful insights to share, even if you don't work in high tech or in the corporate world.


See my PBwiki page for more information about me and how to contact me. The presentation is also up there.


Karen's MiiI'm Senior Information Specialist at Adobe Systems in San Jose, California. I've been working in tech since 1993 and was a newspaper librarian and a public librarian before that. I go back a ways. Hey, we used acoustic couplers when doing online searching when I was in library school, so I've seen some changes. In fact, it's not a library school now but a School of Information.


I (semi-deliberately) don't have a good picture of myself, so here's my Mii-like self (www.miieditor.com is cool, even if it doesn't work with Firefox).





Post-talk comments:


See some follow-ups on my PBwiki page.







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