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Dine Arounds

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Dine Arounds


Official -- Online forms from Information Today

Check the board in the registration at the conference

Let Jane Dysart know if you want to host one of the dine arounds

(jane(at)dysartjones.com) -- basically just make sure everyone is happy,

the conversation is flowing, etc. Everyone covers their own dinner costs,

our ITI staff sets up the reservation, we suggest a topic to bring people

together who want to talk about that topic but you can

take your conversations wherever you want! Network, have fun!





The Library Society of the World will be meeting up for dinner and/or drinks on Monday night. All interested LSW members (which is everyone, whether they acknowledge their membership or not) are invited. Details (location, time) still need to be decided upon. If you want to attend, sign up on the LSW page. (If you need the LSW wiki password, email Josh Neff at joshuamneff [at] gmail.com.)


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